2015 Annual Conference Speaker Materials

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 Pre-Conference Workshops

Session P001 - The Mindset Revolution: Teaching Mathematics for a Growth Mindset

By Dr. Jo Boaler

Thursday, May 7, 2015 Morning Sessions

Session 101 - Math Daily 5: Make and Take Games and Activities

By Jennie Ebert, Amanda Heath and Molly Anderson

Session 104 - Number Talks...Changing the Culture of Math

By Nina Overholzer and Michelle Douglas-Meyer

Session 105 - Hit the Ground Running: My First Year of Teaching

By Anita Harrison

Session 108 - 3-5 Students as Problem Solvers

By Jennifer Kosiak, Jenni McCool and Kim Markworth

Session 113 - Connecting the Math Practice Standards to Literacy in the Math Classroom

By Laura Borsecnik and Kris Holzhuter

Session 115 - Purposefully Analyzing Student Work

By Brad Berlage and Annette Roskam

Session 116 - A Parametric Alphabet Activity

By Mike Zittlow

Session 117 - Incorporating Math and CTE from the Ground Up

By Mark Schommer

Session 120 - Looking at the 2014 AP Statistics Test

By Jason Dahl, Bill Fehrenbach, Mike Hendricks and Todd Brahm

Session 121 - Making Measurement Concepts Meaningful (Grades PK-2)

By Rosemary Irons -

Session 122 - Eliciting Algebraic Thinking in Young Learners

By Caitlin Duncan

Session 123 - Connecting Math to Visual Models

By Nancy Burmeister, Tanya Moore and Jennifer Balzer

Session 124 - Increase the Mathematical Proficiency of the PARENTS of Your Students!

By Michelle Butturini

Session 125 - Whole-y Fractions!!!

By Andy Smith and Ben Rindo Star

Session 129 - Judo Math: Relationship Based Learning

By Dan Thoene

Session 134 - Supporting Algebraic Thinking for the Struggling Learners in Grades 7-10

By Michelle Parks

Session 135 - Fact Fluency for Understanding: Going Beyond Drill through Algebraic and Operational Activities

By Kerry Motoviloff

Session 136 - Strengthen Your Core - One Activity at a Time

By Jane Armstrong-Lewis and Danielle Pierro

Session 138 - Learning to Ask Questions that Engage Students and Deepen Understanding

By Beth Ritsema and Paul Carroll

Session 141 - Don't Slow Me Down with that Calculator (Mental Math Methods)

By Cliff Petrak

Session 143 - Going Beyond Fast Facts: A Balanced Approach to Assessing Mathematical Fluency

By Kristine Gettelman and Danielle Palm

Session 150 - Building Up Your Team as a Teacher

By Tracy Frank and Cyndie Lowe

Session 153 - Geometry & Building Trades: A Blended Approach

By Steve Olson and Jason Dahl

Session 155 - Badger High School - Creating a Learning Environment for All Students

By Dustin Johnson

Session 157 - Improving Math ACT Scores - Small School Aligned-By-Design

By Scott Anderson

Session 158 - Introductory Programming with Java and Understanding by Design Approach

By Lori Hunt

Session 162 - "Radical" and "Real" Ways to Help Students Become Proficient in Understanding Operations and Numbers       (Grades K-8)

By Jennifer Bay-Williams

Thursday, May 7, 2015 Afternoon Sessions

Session 202 - What the Heck is a Rekenrek?

By Lori Collenburg and Sarah Burzynski

Session 203 -  Visual Representations to Ramp up Interventions

By Dina Mendola and Jamie Neary

Session 206 - Utilizing Technology to Understand Geometric Concepts in the Early Grades

By Crystal Vesperman and Lori Dilworth

Session 207 - Math Intervention: What is It and How Do I Get Started?

By Laura Klescewski and Mary Seils

Session 208 - The Language of Math in the Bilingual Classroom

By Sheryll Richert and Kari Andrews

Session 210 - Build Students' Mathematical Muscle with Low Floor, High Ceiling Tasks!

By Jennifer Metke and Stephanie Bernander

Session 213 - Understanding Fraction Multiplication & Division with Visual Models

By Martha Ruttle

Session 215 - AngLegs to Technology: Exploring Triangle Similarity Concept

By Bhesh Mainali and Heidi Eisenreich

Session 216 - Using Visual Models to Build Ration and Proportional Reasoning

By Melinda MacLeish and Katrina Madden

Session 217 - Personalized Learning: Mobile Madness and the Digital Native

By Kelly Kukull

Session 218 - Increasing Student Engagement with the Aurasma App

By Bill Kujawa and Heather Minton

Session 226 - Developing the Principles to Actions Mathematics Teaching Practices

By Mike Steele

Session 227 - Rtl Roundtable Networking

By Sara Summ and Heidi Erstad

Session 236 - Creating Collaborative Cultures - with Students AND with Colleagues

By Anthony Johnson, Lisa Hennessey and Tracy Frank

Session 237 - Investigating Trigonometric Graphs with the Unit Circle

By Bill Kujawa and Tim Owen

Session 238 - Aligning Math Intervention with the Rtl Framework

By Aaron White, Paula Muehler, Rebecca Meyer and Jennifer Block

Session 239 - Using a Mathematics Continuum in Proficiency Based Reporting

By Rose Palmer and Faith Lincicum

Session 243 - From Research to Reality: Ideas Using High Impact Strategies

By Pamela Quirk, Michelle Ervin, Mark Sievert and Todd Sobczyk

Session 241 - Teaching Basic Facts with Fluency in Mind (Grades K-5)

By Jennifer Bay-Williams

Session 244 - The Solution to "When am I Ever Going to Use this in the Real World?"

By Ann Franz and Andy Bushmaker

Friday, May 8, 2015 Morning Sessions

Session 301- Meaningful Geometry in Early Childhood

By Rosemary Irons

Session 304- eMAPPS is Born: Math and Parent Partners Goes Virtual

By Andrea Knapp and Senfeng Liang

Session 306 - Planting Seeds of Change: How to Build a Flexible Mathematics Framework to Meet the Needs of All Students

By Sarah Trimner and Mark Schommer

Session 309 - Literacy Unlocks Challenging Tasks: Problem-Solving Circles in Intervention

By Nicole Hawkins, Jill Leffler and Samantha Goodger

Session 312 - Measuring Mathematical Proficiency through Closure Activities

By Jamie Bernath

Session 314 - Embedding Mathematical Practices Using Study Team Strategies in Daily Lessons

By Bonnie Walczak

Session 316 - MS Tasks to Build Proficiency in Probability and Statistics

By Jenna Munden, Darla Olson, Dean Roush, Brian Daniel and Kathryn Ernie

Session 317 - Fixed Mindsets, Math Anxiety and Working Memory

By Brad Berlage and Annette Roskam

Session 318 - How Do We Help Non-STEM Intending Seniors Stay Engaged in Mathematics?

By Beth Ritsema

Session 322 - Using Literacy Skills to Measure Mathematical Proficiency

By Elizabeth Hoyer, Will Taege and Rose Palmer

Session 323 - Precise Language, Correct Vocabulary in Our Math Classrooms

By Michelle Bittick

Session 333 - Using AP Stats Free Response Questions in Your Classroom

By Jason Dahl, Bill Fehrenbach, Mike Hendricks, Todd Brahm and Allison Hopkins

Session 334 - Think Hybrid: Another Model for RtI

By Mollie Gabrielson

Session 336 - Becoming a Connected Educator with the #MTBoS

By Jennifer Lawler

Session 338 - Applying the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) Model to Math Instruction: Teaching Underachieving Fifth-Grade Students to Solve Long Division Problems

By Leslie Rogers and Jennifer Kosiak

Session 339 - Measuring the Forest with the CCSS

By Veronica Ocampo

Session 345 - Using Story Problems to Teach to Specific Mathematics Goals

By Lori Williams

Session 346 - Building Mathematical Vocabulary in the Primary Classroom

By Rebecca Paasch, Pat Glubka and Erin Kleber

Session 349 - Making Homework Look like its 2015 instead of 1985 (or 2014) - Take 2

By Scott Anderson

Session 355 - Engaging Students Through Math Exploration

By Derek Pipkorn

Session 357 - I am Flipped for Math

By Lynn Schaal

Friday, May 8, 2015 Afternoon Sessions

Session 407 - They Say They're Aligned, But Are They Really?  Tools to Evaluate Alignment to the CCSSM

By Jennifer Lawler

Session 408 - True Standards Based Grading Starts with Quality Assessments

By Mark Schommer and Sarah Trimner

Session 410 - Lesson Study for the Rest of Us

By David Berger

Session 412 - Math Chat: Evaluating Mathematical Proficiency through Communication Skills

By Brad Berlage and Annette Roskam

Session 414 - Using Graphing Calculators in a Core Algebra II Classroom

By Mary Rumpel

Session 418 - Mastery of Angle Relationships Over Time

By Jenny Bergs and Erin Balazs

Session 423 - PK-2 Students as Problem Solvers

By Jenni McCool, Jennifer Kosiak and Kim Markworth

Session 426 - Relating the Unit Circle to the Graphs of Sine and Cosine via Measurement

By Edward Kim

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