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Wisconsin Mathematics Council 
Annual Conference 2019

Engagement, Equity, & Empowerment
May 1-3 2019 | Green Lake Conference Center

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2019 Keynote Speakers

Jennifer Lempp

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Pre-Conference Session are from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

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 Presenter(s)  Grade Level Descriptions
Tracy Johnson-Zager General Interest 

 Making Math Class More Like Mathematics 

It's challenging to imagine math class as it ought to be when we apprenticed in math class as it was. In this workshop, we'll explore specific ways to make our math classrooms more like mathematics as it's actually practiced, which means infusing them with curiosity, creativity, inquiry, intuition, collaboration, communication, and much more. We'll start by briefly investing in our own understanding of what mathematicians do and how mathematicians think. What are mathematicians' habits of mind? We'll figure it out together. We'll then engage in real mathematics ourselves, using the habits of mind and practices of mathematicians, and then reflecting on our learning. What types of tasks, community norms, and instructional moves create the conditions for satisfying mathematical experiences? We'll connect this work to the classroom, doing more math ourselves (of course!) and looking at specific pedagogical strategies in classroom examples. Finally, we'll play "Keep, Makeover, or Burn?" - my favorite game to play when looking at math tasks and curriculum. What problems invite students in to authentic mathematics? We'll pack a lot in the day, but we'll also laugh plenty!

Andrew   Stadel

 4th - 8th

Inviting All Math Students to Think, Learn and Persevere

Many math students find that thinking critically and persevering to be challenging because they often struggle to make connections between math concepts. Our workshop will include ways to enhance your lesson design and sharpen your classroom facilitation strategies so all students are invited to enjoy making sense of math and remain invested in the math they’re learning.

Graham Fletcher  3rd - 6th

The Power of Progressions: Untangling the Knotty Areas of Teaching and Learning Fractions

As more teachers look to add high-yield tasks to their repertoire, the struggle to make it all work becomes real. Let's examine how problem-based lessons can be used throughout the scope of a unit and how we can harness their power to move student thinking forward. We'll identify strategies and explore some tasks that help us find a healthy balance between application, conceptual understanding, and procedural fluency.

Ron  Lancaster  7th-12th
 Calculus before calculus!:  Activities to Deepen Student's Understanding of Mathematics

Using physical models and technology, all high school students can explore and understand topics covered in a calculus course without actually knowing any calculus. This focus can lead to students having a more meaningful experience in their algebra, geometry and pre-calculus courses. We will work through activities that involve average and instantaneous rate of change; limits, optimization problems and related problems. We will solve problems in different ways and will study how the solutions change when aspects of the original problem are changed. This course will be of interest to teachers looking for activities and projects that are engaging and designed to deepen students' understanding of mathematics.  Various technologies that support this work will be presented. The focus will be on the mathematics curriculum from grades 7-12.

 WI PreK-2 Team  PK-2

Beyond Square, Circle, Triangle: Developing Geometric and Spatial Thinking in Young Learners through Playful Pedagogy

with Melissa Hedges, Michelle Douglas-Meyer, Beth Schefelker, and DeAnn Huinker

We are all aware of the importance of the development of early number, but did you know geometric and spatial thinking enhances early number development, supports problem solving, and lays the foundation for success in math and literacy?

Our day will be grounded in early mathematics learning trajectories for geometry and shape (Clements and Sarama 2014) and facilitated through a playful approach to learning: one that invites and supports children ages three to seven to explore mathematical ideas in ways they find intriguing, engaging, challenging and joyful. 

Come explore this big idea of early mathematics and see how an intentional focus on geometric and spatial thinking taps into children’s diverse strengths and provides multiple entry points to explore mathematics in an engaging, accessible, and equitable way. Leave with an understanding of learning trajectories, related state standards, and instructional activities for development of geometric and spatial thinking. 

This work is based on the Strong Start Math Project, a three-year collaboration of the Milwaukee Public Schools and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for early childhood teachers to deepen their content knowledge for teaching mathematics and strengthen their classroom practice.

This session is geared toward PreK – Grade 2 teachers, coaches, and interventionists. This session extends the learning from 2018 Pre-conference Workshop. However, previous experience with learning trajectories or attendance at the 2018 workshop is not required in order to successfully participate. Please join us!

Computer Science Summit   PK-12

Building Computer Science Opportunity in Wisconsin

 Join us for the 4th Annual CS Educators Summit. Keynote speakers include Jill Westerland, Abstracting CS and Assistant Chief Reader of APCSP, and Jake Baskin, Executive Director of CSTA. Check out the schedule and session descriptions at the CS Summit homepage

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