• 2020 Nominations and Elections

  2020 WMC Board of Directors Election

Elections will be held April 7 - 21.

Look for a voting email on April 7th.

The 2020 WMC Slate of Candidates

Grade 6-8 Representative

    Cynthia Cuellar Rodriguez

    Teacher Leader

    Milwaukee Public Schools

    I believe that I am a strong candidate because my actions are evidence of my belief that all students should be guaranteed equitable access to high quality mathematics instruction. Equitable access to mathematics comes from every student being engaged in the learning process and in order for that to happen there needs to be both some systems thinking around programs and structures as well as some work with educator mindsets.

    I am strongly committed to the use of a formative assessment cycle for teachers and students to have a clear picture of the intended learning process and to help students create strong mathematical identities.  I keep this perspective in mind as I try to find ways to institutionalize a system where looking at student work is a driving force for teachers. In my role as Math Teacher Leader, coaching is the key to inspire teachers to reach more students.  I truly believe that all teachers have the ability to do it and that coaching is the practice that will make that happen.  

    When I find time and/or opportunities, I have embraced leadership of others at a state level and national level. My work on behalf of the WMC is a long-list of presentations at both the annual conference and the MPES conference. However, the work on behalf of the WMC that I am most proud of is my commitment to encourage others to attend and present at the WMC. My belief in distributed leadership has supported a number of teachers in attending and presenting at WMC. 

    I believe many people in the Council will benefit from my perspective around how to build a bigger and stronger community of middle school educators. I guarantee I will push the Council to move beliefs to actions, explicit and intentional action. This means inspiring all educators to develop an understanding and appreciation for meaningful mathematics from the students.


    Michelle Parks

    Math Specialist & Instructional Coach

    Augusta School District

    I would be honored to be considered for the 6-8 Representative for The Wisconsin Mathematics Council (WMC). I have had the privilege of working with so many wonderful leaders in mathematics in Wisconsin and would like the opportunity to give back to the community of learners that has meant so much to me.

    I have been in mathematics education for 27 years. I began my career as an 8th grade math and Algebra teacher in Eau Claire, spending 14 years in the classroom. During my time as a mathematics teacher I also served as team leader, department chair, and assessment committee member for the district. I also had many leadership roles outside of my district work including supervising over 20 student teachers, interns and observation students from UW-Eau Claire, presenting for the WMC annual meeting, presenting for the WASDI academies, supporting 25+ districts with the implementation of The Connected Mathematics Project, and as a contributing author to both the WMC Journal and the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Toolkit Project. In addition to the leadership roles I took on, I was also selected as the recipient of both The Presidential Award for Mathematics Teaching for the state of Wisconsin and The WMC Distinguished Math Educator Award.

    After leaving the classroom I served as a math/science consultant for CESA 10 for 12 years. During my time with CESA my leadership role expanded to include working with districts on curriculum, presenting a variety of workshops, creating a 4-day series with a focus on core instruction for mathematics as part of the Response to Intervention (RtI) process, co-directing a 3 year grant for Lesson Study in mathematics, and supporting a 3 year grant related to math assessment. I also served as the Wisconsin Math Council secretary for two terms.

    Currently I support middle school (as well as PreK-5 and 9-12) teachers as an instructional coach and math specialist for 5 districts. This work has expanded my skills as a mathematics coach and is giving me the opportunity to help support the school systems at a much deeper level.

    Working in so many different areas of mathematics education has strengthened my belief about the need for quality professional development. Mathematics teachers in Wisconsin have an excellent resource in The Wisconsin Math Council. Serving as the 6-8 Representative for such a well respected organization would allow me to connect so many others with the wonderful support the organization has to offer. Again, I would be honored to be considered for this position.

    State-Wide Representative


    Danielle Robinson 

    Math Interventionist 

    Milwaukee Public Schools

    I am a Math Interventionist at Brown Street Academy in Milwaukee Public Schools working with students and teachers in Kindergarten through 5th grade. This is my fourth year in this position. In this position, I not only work with the students in classrooms, but work with the teachers to support math instruction in our school. Prior to that I was a 2nd grade teacher for 4 years. I have had the honor of presenting at the MPES Conference (2017, 2018) and WMC Annual Conference (last 5 years) and this past spring I was invited to present at NCTM’s annual conference in San Diego on the topic of how to help students develop a mathematical identity through culturally responsive teaching. 

    Not only have I been a presenter at conferences, for 3 semesters I have taught an undergraduate class for pre-service teachers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with an emphasis on high quality mathematics instruction for students up to 5th grade. My passion is to help each and every student in the classroom see themselves as mathematicians through high quality mathematical teaching practices and culturally responsive teaching. By increasing our understanding of equity we will help our youngest learners find joy and build a strong foundation for their math education. I hope to bring this passion and knowledge to continue the wonderful work on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Math Council.


    Rebecca Brink

    WMC Treasure & Mathematics Teacher

    Marinette School District

    I am currently the treasurer of the WI Math Council, running for re-election. I value the experience on the board for the last two years and desire to continue with my increased knowledge of the council. Improving math education opportunities for all is a passion of mine.

    In my current position I serve a dual role. I serve as a half time high school math teacher and for the other half of my position I serve as a Math 6-12 Quality Assurance Specialist for my district. In my QAS role I am able to work with teachers and students in need of support. I value being able to be a practicing teacher to keep my practice current while helping others reflect upon and improve their practice.

    When I think of WMC I often reflect upon the semester I was student teaching and my cooperating teacher highly recommended I go to the annual conference. Needless to say I was amazed by what I experienced and I hope to continue passing that along to other math educators. In the past I have presented and look forward to co-presenting this year. I have had the opportunity to attend the NCTM affiliates conference and look forward to the continued growth of WMC.

    Outside of WMC I am a part of the WI Math Alignment Task Force. I serve as a high school representative. We seek to improve the transition for students from high school to college. Most recently I was awarded an NCTM grant to attend the International Congress on Math Education. I look forward to my learning and what I can bring back to math educators in the state of Wisconsin.

    The election results will be announced in the May WMC Newsletter. 

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