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  2022 WMC Board of Directors Election

2022 Election

The 2022 WMC Board of Directors Election will take place from April 1 - April 15, 2022. An email will be sent to all e-members and sustaining members of WMC on April 1st with directions on how to cast a virtual vote. 

There are three open positions on the WMC Board of Directors. I would encourage all WMC members to vote for the people who will determine the future direction of the WMC. You may only vote once. Please vote by 11:59 p.m. on April 15th.

Slate of Candidates

Grades 9-12 Representative

 Mary Walz

Mathematics Teacher

Sauk Prairie School District


I have often introduced myself as a problem solving teacher, because when one teaches math or computer science, the goal is to learn how to solve problems. And we all have new problems to solve each day. I have been a long time advocate for learning with understanding with a constructive approach while teaching at Sauk Prairie High School. Guiding students to develop an understanding of math concepts using various modeling methods and mathematical practices. 

My past experience on the board was invested in updating position statements. I have also served on our Mathematics Standards Review and Revision Process committee. I am the current 9-12 Representative and would enjoy the opportunity to continue serving our membership on the board.

 Erin Hommowun

Mathematics Teacher

Middleton Cross Plains Area School District


I am a passionate educator who loves learning from and collaborating with my students and colleagues while exploring new ways to grow and be involved in Math Education. During my 15 years as a high school Math teacher I also worked with CPM as a teacher leader for 6 years, served as Instructional Leader for our Math department for the last 7 years and have had the opportunity to present at both state and national conferences (including a WMC Math chat last February). As the kid who once sat in each of my math classes declaring "I will never use any of this," I love helping all students see themselves as mathematicians! 

Grades 3-5 Representative


Deb Heitman

5th Grade Teacher & K-3 Math Coach

Coleman School District


Math=boring, my attitude throughout my K-12 experience. I was good at memorization and assumed that was all math was, until my math methods college professor opened my mind to the beauty of math. My mathematics journey is important as it has influenced my philosophy towards my mathematics teaching and endeavors. As a math educator, my goal is to help guide students to discover that math is doing, exploring, and making sense, not just of numbers, but of the world around them. To accomplish my goal each year, I invest in my teaching abilities and understanding of mathematics. Attending the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin Summer Institutes is where I began really seeing myself as a doer of math, not just a math teacher. These experiences led to me having the privilege of becoming a mathematics coach for my district. Coaching teachers is a rewarding experience because of the direct impact in the classroom and helping teachers see their own potential as math teachers. As a lead member of our district-wide mathematics team, I am able to help craft professional development and seek out others that can help improve mathematics education for all of our students, not just the students in my classroom. My many experiences committed to helping my students see themselves as doers of math, aided in the creation of delivering my own presentations not only in my own school but also at CESA 8 and WMC’s spring math conferences. I have had the incredible honor of being part of the standards committee to help revise the Wisconsin State Standards for grades 3rd-5th. This experience proved to be the most memorable as I am proud of the work the committee did to guide our state’s teachers to become their best. As a math leader, I want to help others develop their own capacity to not only see themselves as doers of math, but pass along that knowledge to their students. I would be honored to serve as WMC’s 3rd-5th grade representative to help strengthen Wisconsin’s math educators to be highly effective math educators.

Administrator/Supervisor Representative


Jennifer Lawler 

Coordinator of Mathematics 

Kenosha Unified School District


In Principles to Actions, NCTM reminds mathematics educators that “The question is not whether all students can succeed in mathematics but whether the adults organizing mathematics learning opportunities can alter traditional beliefs and practices to promote success for all.” (p 61) Throughout my career as a mathematics educator in Wisconsin, as a high school mathematics teacher, instructional coach, and for the last 8 years as the Coordinator of Mathematics for Kenosha Unified School District, I have dedicated myself to promoting success for all through the unwavering belief in the mathematics potential of each and every student. It requires strong mathematics leadership for schools and districts to make the changes needed to help all students realize this potential. As the Administrator/Supervisor Representative I will be a strong advocate for supporting the ongoing development of mathematics education leaders in our state.

I continue to draw inspiration for my work from my five children, the tireless educators I support in my district, as well as the amazing community of mathematics educators known as the #MTBoS that I have connected with Twitter. I have presented at several WMC MPES and Annual Conferences and currently serve on the Wisconsin Mathematics Alignment Task Force. Previously, I have served on the board of directors for the Wisconsin Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, Wi-AMTE, and on the WMC Board as an ex officio representative of the Wisconsin Mathematics Leadership Council (WiMLC). I look forward to the opportunity to continue my work on the WMC Board as an elected member.

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