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Why Become WMC Member?

WMC members include all levels of teachers and instructors from pre-kindergarten to university, as well as mathematics administrators, leaders, and specialists. Anyone whose goal is to improve mathematics education for their classroom or state is welcome to join.  

WMC supports its members by improving their professional effectiveness and mathematical skills through:

Professional Development - In addition to the annual conference, which draws thousands of midwest educators annually, the WMC hosts the Mathematical Proficiency for Every Student (MPES) conference, book studies, and other workshops. Upcoming events will always be listed on our website, with an option to register online.

Recognition - Each year the Wisconsin Mathematics Council recognizes excellence and dedication to mathematics with the Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award and our 25-Year Awards.

Publications - Through our newsletter, website and journal, the Wisconsin Mathematics Council keeps members updated on changes, new ideas, issues and events in mathematics education.

Resources - As a member, you have the ability to post and comment on the WMC Listserv, as well as subscribe to other popular listservs. To network and collaborate with other educators, please find our "Instructional Listservs" page under the Resources tab.

Student Activities - In spring, we hold our annual Math Contest! For more information, please visit the math contest page under our "Events" tab.

Networking - Last year, 2000 educators attended our annual conference. The WMC Membership is comprised of a dynamic network of teachers, educators, and other professionals dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Interested in Membership?

Anyone interested in mathematics education in Wisconsin is invited to become a member in the Wisconsin Mathematics Council. You can sign-up below as a free E-Member of a Sustaining Member. join us and make a difference for your colleagues and the students you serve.


Sustaining Membership - $35/year

WHO: Any individual who is interested in promoting the mission of the Council.

HOW: Select the E-Membership below under the the red Start Here icon.

WHO: Any individual who is interested in promoting and financially supporting the mission of the Council.

A sustaining member is someone who sees the value in the work of WMC and helps to carry it forward. A sustaining member of the WMC  is someone who supports the mission of the Council with dues of $35 annually to the organization.

HOW:  Select the Sustaining Membership below under the the red Start Here icon.



  • Connect with other WI math educators

  • Quarterly electronic newsletters with current events and updates from across the state

  • Monthly e-blasts with the most up-to-date announcements and learning opportunities

  • Bi-annual peer-reviewed electronic journals with ideas to implement best practices

  • Vote for representatives on the WMC Board of Directors

  • Represent mathematics educators as a member of the WMC Board of Directors

  • ALL e-membership benefits, PLUS

  • Choose print copy of journals and newsletters

  • Join with others who actively engage and financially support efforts to improve teaching practices that promote positive mathematical identity and agency for Wisconsin’s students

  • Join with others who actively engage and financially support the mathematical understanding that enables ALL learners to make informed personal choices as well as critique and understand their worlds

  • Join with others who actively engage and financially support the continuing education of WI mathematics educators including up-to-date research on standards and best practices

  • Join with others who actively engage and financially support the efforts to sustain and high-quality mathematics education through scholarships for highly qualified pre-service teachers

  • Join with others who actively engage in and financially support state-wide critical conversations impacting mathematics teaching & learning

  • Join with others who actively engage and financially support legislative advocacy for equitable mathematics education for ALL students

Membership Renewals

Members will receive email notifications when it is time to renew their membership. Please note that memberships are renewed on an annual basis based on the exact join date (e.g. If you join on September 16th, your renewal will not be due until September 16th of the following year).

NCTM Membership Affiliate Rebate Program 

NCTM provides state affiliate organizations an opportunity to earn a $3-$5 rebate on each Wisconsin-based NCTM membership. Go to www.nctm.org to designate a portion of your NCTM dues be rebated to WMC.

Thank you for your support of WMC through the NCTM Membership Rebate Program!

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