• Nominations and Elections

  2021 WMC Board of Directors Election

Nominations are open January 1 - February 15, 2021

Nominate yourself or another to be a WMC Board of Directors.

The Wisconsin Mathematics Council Board of Directors is seeking nominations for the following positions:

    • President-Elect
    • Secretary
    • PK-2 Representative
    • Statewide Representative
    • College/University Representative
    • Wisconsin Technical College Representative

In order to be a board member, candidates must be current e-member or sustaining member of the Wisconsin Mathematics Council. The position descriptions are listed below.

The WMC Nominations & Elections Committee will develop a slate of candidates and oversee the election process in the spring. Ballots will be emailed or mailed to all members. The results will be announced at the May Annual Meeting.

To nominate yourself or another, please fill out the 2021 Board of Directors Nomination Form no later than February 15th. Each nominee must include a professional statement that outlines evidence of your commitment to mathematics education as expressed in the vision and mission of WMC and a relevant sample of your professional experiences highlighting your leadership in WMC or other professional organizations and/or presenting at conferences, if applicable. You may add this statement at a later time as well. 

WMC Nomination Form and Election Rubric

 Please read the WMC Nominations and Elections Process for more details.

The Wisconsin Mathematics Council is committed to developing a slate of candidates that reflect the diversity of Wisconsin students, as well as encompass various geographic locations throughout the state.


WMC Board Position Descriptions

The President-Elect is an officer of the Board of Directors. The position is a one-year term moving directly into a two-year President position and a one-year Past President position. Duties include:

    • Become acquainted with the responsibilities and duties of the President.
    • Solicit the Board members for interest in committees and committee chair positions and present a slate of committee chairs to the Executive Committee.
    • Preside at meetings of the Council and Board if the President is absent or unable to perform required duties.
    • Appoint Annual Conference Chairs for each conference.Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board.

The Secretary is an officer of the Board of Directors. The position is a three-year term. Duties include:

    • Take the official minutes of all Council, Board, and Executive Committee meetings.
    • Maintain an official record of Board meeting attendance. 
    • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

The four open Representative positions are three-year terms. The duties of Representatives include:

    • Attend and actively participate in all Board meetings an online discussions.
    • Advocate for the representative group (i.e., elementary mathematics, high school mathematics, etc.).
    • Serve as a liaison to a committee cluster, which may include additional meetings or phone conferences.

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