WMC State Math Contests

The 2021 State Math Contest for both middle and high school students will be held in early March. 

In-person contests will be held the week of March 1-5, while virtual contests will be held the week of March 8-12. Due to Covid-19 concerns, there will only be individual events with no team events. 

New this year is a 50th Anniversary format for the High School Math Contest. Additionally, the Middle School Math Contest will be based on five of the MS mathematics standards

The registration fee is $25 per school team. 

General Information

  • Schools participate at their home sites, and each school chooses the day the team will participate in the contest. 
  • This year, the meet consists of individual events only. There will be five individual problem sets. For each of the problem sets, individual students will attempt to solve problems worth 1, 3, and 5 points, respectively. Check out past Math Contests for more details on these events.
  • The time requirements are 15 minutes for each of the five individual events.
  • The school team advisor corrects the individual events and all of the items on the team event, and tests and results are returned to WMC.
  • Each school may enter one team. A team consists of eight students (all from the same school) consisting of no more than four seniors for high school teams and four 8th grade students for middle school teams.
  • School enrollment is used to determine the appropriate class for each school as shown below. A school may compete in a higher classification upon request.

Sample High School Task:

Sample Middle School Task:


Medals are given to individuals from top-scoring high school teams and ribbons to high scoring middle school teams. Students with perfect scores will receive a medal. Top individual scores are published in the WMC May Newsletter and announced at the WMC Annual Meeting in May.

Past Math Contests

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