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Share your mathematical expertise and become a WMC Board of Directors!

Check out the 2020 WMC Board of Directors Slate of Candidates.

The Wisconsin Mathematics Council is committed to developing a slate of candidates that reflect the diversity of Wisconsin students, as well as encompass various geographic locations throughout the state.

The 2020 Wisconsin Mathematics Council Board of Directors Election will be held in April 2020. There will be four open positions on the WMC Board of Directors including the Treasurer, Grades 6-8 Representative, State-wide Representative, and the Wisconsin Technical College System Representative. The job description of each of these four positions are shown below.

The Treasurer is an officer of the Board of Directors. The position is a three-year term. Duties include:

      • Oversee the collection and disbursement of funds and financial recordkeeping for the Council including directly working with executive services.
      • Work with executive services to prepare an annual budget proposal for the Executive Committee
      • Communicate financial reports to the Board.
      • Monitor the annual budget and investments.
      • Ensure that WMC financial policies are operative.
      • Serve as a member of the Investment Committee.
      • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board.

    The three open Representative positions are three-year terms. The duties of Representatives include:

    • Attend and actively participate in all Board of Directors meetings.
    • Advocate for the group you represent (i.e., elementary mathematics, high school mathematics, etc.).
    • Serve as a liaison to a committee at the direction of the president.

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