• 2018 Board Elections

The 2018 Wisconsin Mathematics Council Board of Directors Election will be held April 13-23, 2018. There are four open positions on the WMC Board of Directors including the Treasurer, PK-2 Representative, State-wide Representative, and Higher Education/College Representative. The job description of each of these four positions below as well as the 2018 Slate of Candidates.

The Treasurer is an officer of the Board of Directors. The position is a two-year term. Duties include:
  • Overseeing the collection and disbursement of funds and financial record keeping for the Council.
  • Communicating financial reports to the Board.
  • Monitoring the annual budget and investments.
  • Ensuring that WMC financial policies are operative.
  • Serving as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee.

The three open Representative positions are three-year terms. The duties of Representatives include:

  • Attending all Board meetings.
  • Advocating for the representative group (i.e., elementary mathematics, high school mathematics, etc.).
  • Serving as a liaison to a committee cluster, which may include additional meetings or phone conferences

I would encourage all WMC members to vote for the people who will determine the future direction of the WMC.   Before voting, please review the candidate information below. Results of the election will be announced at the Annual Meeting on May 3, 2018 and will be in the May WMC Newsletter.

Each active member of WMC will an email with their personal voting link by April 13th that may be used only once. Please complete your electronic ballot by April 23rd to make sure your vote counts. 

If you have any questions, please contact WMC.



Becky Cohen, Darlington Community Schools
Hello! My name is Becky Cohen and I am running for the Statewide Representative on the WMC Board of Directors. I am currently in my 24th year of teaching and have taught in the Wisconsin school districts of Viroqua, Mishicot, Cuba City and currently, Darlington. In those districts, I have taught everything from Applied Math to Algebra 1 to Calculus, as well as Computer Literacy and Computer Programming courses. I am also a certified Project Lead the Way (PLTW) teacher. In terms of leadership, I have been a Technology Coordinator, Department Chair, and Lead Teacher. I have a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from UW-Platteville, and also did my graduate work in Educational Administration there. I am a longtime member of the Wisconsin Math Council, and have attended several Annual Conferences throughout the years. I am continually looking for new ways to enrich my classroom, while maintaining high standards. I have found that the Annual Conference has always been a great springboard for those tasks. I am looking for the opportunity to be more involved in the Wisconsin Mathematics Council, as I believe it provides great opportunities for mathematics teachers at all levels.
Sagar Tolani, Milwaukee Public Schools
Hello everyone, My name is Sagar Tolani and I'm a 2nd year high school math teacher at Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning, a K-12 Milwaukee Public School. Even though this is only my 2nd year teaching at the high school level I have had the passion to teach since I was an undergraduate student at Missouri State University. My goal was become a college professor and teach chemistry but after finishing my Masters and starting my PhD program, I realized my real passion was in teaching the young minds and future of our country. I decided to take a 5 year break from school and teaching and during these 5 years I kept thinking about going back to teaching. Last year, I received the opportunity to start teaching at WCLL and have loved every moment since. Since joining WMC, I attended the conference last year and became involved in the conference planning committee. I believe that as the next generation of teachers, I will bring new and fresh ideas to the WMC Board and if given the opportunity to be your representative I will always be available via phone, email and social media to listen to your ideas and represent you all on the WMC Board of Directors.


Stephanie Bernander, UW Oshkosh
Profile: The Wisconsin Math Council has been an integral part of my experience as a Wisconsin math educator for the past 26 years. As I started my career as a secondary mathematics teacher, I joined WMC for professional connections and professional development. As part of this organization, I went on to participate in the Wisconsin Academy Staff Development Initiative and began my career in providing professional development to other teachers. Even as I served districts in the capacity as a principal and director of instruction, I stayed connected to the mathematics community providing professional development both in and outside the districts of my employment. My current role as an assistant professor teaching elementary and secondary math methods at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has brought me back to my first love, training teachers so that we can create an “I love math” generation. I look forward to serving on the board of the Wisconsin Math Council to give back to the community that inspired my career and to continue the tradition of Wisconsin Math Council inspiring others to become outstanding math educators.
Annette Nelson, Northland College
Profile: My name is Annette Nelson, and I have taught for 12 years at Northland College, a small, private liberal arts college in the beautiful Wisconsin north woods. In this position I also serve as the program director, certifying officer, organize clinical and student teacher placements, as well as teach introductory math and math methods courses for pre-service teachers. In my Foundations of Math for Elementary Teachers course as well as Mathematics Teaching Methods course for pre-service teacher candidates I bring expertise and passion to my classes, because I have truly enjoyed my many years of teaching mathematics at all levels from remedial to statistics to calculus, from middle school to college. In addition to Wisconsin, I have taught in Tennessee, California, Louisiana, and Iowa. I have successful teaching experience in both rural and urban areas, working with migrant and ELL populations, as well as traditional and non-traditional students.

My current professional involvement includes the following: Wisconsin Association of Math Teacher Educators, Board member for two years; Wisconsin Mathematics Council; member for twelve years; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, member for 20+ years; Wisconsin Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Board member for five years; and Wisconsin Independent College for Teacher Education, member of 12 years. It would be a tremendous honor to serve on the Board of Directors as a representative for institutions of higher education. I will bring to this position enthusiasm, experience, and great passion for the mathematics teaching we do in our classrooms across Wisconsin.

PK-2 REPRESENTATIVE (3-year term)

Mark Bussian, Sun Prairie Area School District
Profile: Hello, my name is Mark Bussian and I am looking forward to becoming more involved with the WMC through potentially becoming WMC's PK-2 Representative! I have been a classroom teacher with the Sun Prairie Area School District for 11 years. In that time, I have taught 3rd grade and 2nd grade and currently Kindergarten at Eastside Elementary. I am on our district's Math Steering Committee. I worked with a group of educators to select our new K-5 instructional materials through our curriculum renewal and design team. I also led professional development opportunities within our district to help teachers ease into the first year of implementation. I have been our building's Math Representative for the past three years. I have been a member of Sun Prairie's Teaching Learning and Equity Council for three years as well. I graduated from UW-Whitewater with a certification in grades 1-8 and then went back to earn an Early Childhood certification. I have enjoyed attending the Green Lake Conference and have learned many new things that I have taken back to share with my coworkers each year. I am looking forward to learning more about WMC and hopefully having the opportunity to work with the board to continue promoting excellent math opportunities for students and educators!

Treasurer (2-year term)

Rebecca Brink, Marinette School District
Profile: I am in my second year teaching at Marinette High School where I serve as a Content Leader for the Math Department. During my time at Marinette, I became involved with the Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing’s Math Alliance in addition to completing a Teacher Externship through CESA 8 at Marinette Marine. I was also invited by DPI and completed standards setting for the ACT. I have also developed a relationship with a school in Uganda where I work to improve teacher effectiveness by modeling lessons and instructing teachers on math manipulative use. Prior to teaching at Marinette, I taught middle school and high school math for the Necedah Area School District. During my time teaching at Necedah, I was awarded a Fund for Teachers Fellowship (traveling to Vienna to participate in the European Summer University on the History and Epistemology of Mathematics Education), led Aligned by Design workshops through CESA 5, received a grant to participate in the Toyota Applied Math Initiative at Rochester Institute of Technology, reviewed items and completed standards setting on the Forward Exam, and participated in many STEM Summer Workshops through CESA 5 and UW-Platteville. I am interested in increasing my involvement in the Wisconsin Mathematics Council. I have previously presented at the Green Lake Math Conference twice and am becoming involved with the Rural Math Development Committee.
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